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Media  Planning  and  Buying

Television creates instant brand recognition; advertising through it offers entertainment and information with a memorable experience. Television can offer unmatched impact on family and business environment creating a direct connection with the target audience.  With this medium Ori Media will provide your commercial to stand out from the hundreds of messages broad casted mainly on TV-channels. We can create advertising campaigns tailored for your target audience. You will be provided with the most effective planning and buying solutions.


Outdoor advertising offers many display options and can match your specific target. Street billboards, buildings and Airport displays will make sure you stand out and create attention to your brand. With constantly changing markets and new trends, we will with our experienced staff offer up to date, innovative and creative solutions.


We will follow every step on the way to present your brand to the target customers and create superior exposure. By carefully analyzing and with the appropriate planning for space on TV-channels, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet and outdoor billboards we will make sure that your brand is seen and noticed. Our media buyers will place your commercials strategically and in the right advertising channels to maximize the return of your investment.


We offer effective solutions for promotions and brand advertising in film productions. These film productions can be prepared as seasonal commercials or as campaigns and are made ready in detail and with great care to appeal to the target audience. We are able to offer you promotion films similar to documentaries and special video presentations to use in international trade fairs and meetings. We use our 20 years of experience in video production to make sure we can present the best commercials. We are also able to offer revision of existing commercials/films to make them ready to live up to your standards and requirements.


Our technical knowledge and creative production team makes sure commercial films are made sustainable, efficient and according to your budget. We value creativity and competence.

International  Advertising  Consultancy

We give advisory services to international trade fairs, promotions, congresses and publicity events to companies targeting the Middle Eastern market. Our services cover advertising and media planning in the region.


To make sure your brand is presented to the target audience in the best way we point out the strategy to be used and the best advertising model. We can also prepare reports on customer surveys and strategies to use for marketing. Suitable to the chosen strategy we make media plans, make arrangements with advertising mediums and realize the most advantageous options for your budget.

Brand  Consulting

We carry all required corporate identity starting from the formation of the brand or to re-new an existing brand. To give you a brand value and deliver the ideal brand we take in consideration customer insight, brand insight and business insight. Our goal is to create profitable brands with long-lasting market impact.


With our strategic planning we develop appropriate models of advertising and promotion for your brand. To reach your target audience we point out the best commercial mediums and prepare strategies and report all results. Our quality policy defines our commitment to delivering on time and the criteria our work must live up to. We work with all categories and markets.

Oriental News Agency

Oriental News Agency is an establishment which procures news and program-related images for national and international televisions, providing this sort of broadcast establishments with technical equipments , staff and consultancy services.


Oriental News Agency has editors, reporters, cameramans, live-broadcast systems and technical staff who control those given in many cities and government centers located in Türkiye and Middle-East regions.


Services We Provide ; everywhere in Turkey and Middle-East include :

• News-related images and delivery of these images to customers through IT systems or satellites.

• Cameramen, light and sound technicians, transportation and interpreters for news or program-contented interviews and for special filmings.

• For live or normal-broadcasts ; renting of live-broadcast vehicles, with camera equipment numbers ranging from 2 to 6, for hour,day or a limited amount of time basis.

• Technical directors, uplink technicians, light and sound operators and regie directors for broadcast vehicles.